Join the Live Peace Movement!

Join the Live Peace Movement!

Join the Live Peace Movement!Join the Live Peace Movement!Join the Live Peace Movement!

Live Peace is our Name

World Peace is our Aim!

Promoting Peace around the world through Music Festivals & Films.  

Help SUPPORT Our Cause

Your support and contributions will help enable us to spread peace, starting locally, then nationally and globally. Live Peace Concerts is a non-profit organization, using music as our vessel of peace.

We would love for you to be an integral part of that mission. 

Your generous donation will help fund our cause and larger vision. 

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Welcome to Our Peacemaking Team...  and Thank you!

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About Us


Come Join Us!

A monumental gathering of A-List artists for this epic and historical 

      event, to promote and encourage a WORLDWIDE PEACE MOVEMENT LIKE NONE OTHER.


           LIVE PEACE will continue with Massive Concerts in Multiple Cities around the Globe!


Who Are We?


Thirty four years ago, LIVE AID was the largest event in human history, reaching an unprecedented 1.9 billion people. 

Jennifer Garland, CEO of HEAVEN ON EARTH PRODUCTIONS, (referred to as “HOEP”), has gathered a team to present a LIVE PEACE EVENT to include many who were on the LIVE AID team in 1985. Collectively we now have the technology to reach 4-5 billion people.



To produce content that encourages Peace around the world via MUSIC AND FILM PROJECTS and promote the LIVE PEACE MOVEMENT to a national and global audience. 


These LIVE PEACE Concerts will also serve as the primary marketing for the film “The Secret of the Lost Scroll”, the first of 6 'Indiana Jones' style feature films being produced by Heaven on Earth Productions, with an urgent call for Peace in the Middle East and around the globe. It is an epic action adventure story about the Dead Sea Scrolls and is PG13 rated so that we can reach the maximum audience. 


Local and National Events

When we're not hosting a private event, we are throwing our own parties! Join us for our new LIVE PEACE FACTOR Events, designed as a friendly vocal competition, with the winners invited to be a part of our larger events in 2020 and 2021!

Our Music Director, Roger Friend (Friend Productions) is assembling an array of world-class bands & musicians for various events. Take a look at our Events Page to see the latest information.

Our goal is to reach an ever widening audience throughout the country and assemble our 

National Peace Team... 

and YOU can be a part of it! 

Our next event is 'A Country United', at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, TX on Feb 16th, 2020. See events page for more details, tix, etc.

This will lead us up to our LIVE PEACE CONCERT, 

a 2-Day Concert Event, at a major stadium 

held in Southern CA in 2021.

These events are subject to change.

Live Peace Interview at NCSD with Jennifer Garland

Discussion on Live Peace, our goals and purpose.